Solid Stick Umbrellas

The Lockwood ‘Solid Stick’ umbrella is handmade by master umbrella makers at the Lockwood manufactory in North London, England. Employing centuries old techniques Lockwood craftsmen utilise the finest woods from across the globe.

The bark sticks are produced separately; specially grown saplings are coppiced at a measured stoutness and seasoned for minimum of 15 months before beginning the shaping process. After the stick has been shaped, slots are cut to fit the locking springs into the shaft, at which point the runner, notch and ribs are assembled around the stick to form the full umbrella frame.

The canopy is then fitted by hand including all internal sewing details and furling band. Finally the umbrella is cut to length and the stick end is ferruled, now ready to protect it’s owner from any unwelcome showers.


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