Handmade umbrellas

‘RHIZOME’ [pron.rzm ], from the ancient Greek rhízōma meaning “mass of roots” is a a continuously growing underground stem which puts out lateral shoots and roots in a seemingly adventitious manner.

LOCKWOOD are celebrating the RHIZOME structure (root) as inspiration for the canopy print in for this LIMITED EDITION SERIES.

To compliment the Rhizome printed canopy, Lockwood have selected classic ENGLISH OAK (Quercus robir) for our SOLID STICK styles.

For our newly developed TELESCOPIC UMBRELLAS, a WHANGEE BAMBOO (Phyllostachys edulis) handle. Whangee has been traditionally used for umbrella handles due to a lightweight and decorative nature.

This collection is available pre-order from 15.Oct 2017 as strictly Limited edition.